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Are you looking for Car Battery Replacement Stoke on Trent Service for your vehicle?

Are you noticing a lapse in the performance of your vehicle’s indicators, headlight, horn etc.? These can be indications of a dying battery. It is wise to address the issue at the earliest to a reliable car workshop like ours.

A&A Test Centre is a reputed service station offering car battery replacement Tunstall, Stoke on Trent at competitive rates.

When should you visit us?

If you notice any of the following symptoms, feel free to reach us for prompt solutions:

Blinking Engine Light

If you see the check engine light blinking on your car’s dashboard, there can be some issue with the battery.

Red Battery Alert

If the red battery sign is flashing on your vehicle’s dashboard, it is due to faulty battery power output. Visit us for car battery Tunstall, Stoke on Trent.

Clicking noise while you start

Do you hear a clicking sound when turning your car’s ignition key? A probable reason can be a drained car battery. We suggest a replacement to ensure on-road driving safety.

False Ignition

Inadequate battery power output can result in cranking, and the car will not start as smoothly as it used to.

Rotten Smell

Sulphur accumulation and corrosion in battery terminals produce a foul smell. So, if you get a rotten smell around your car battery, report the issue to us.

Bloated Battery Case

A swollen battery case is a sign of an overheated battery. In such cases, replacement is necessary.

Lower Battery Fluid

A fast discharging battery lowers the battery fluid level below its lead plate. It will also lead to accelerated liquid discharge. Visit us, and we will refill it as required after inspection.

Flickering car headlights is another sign of a dying battery. We attend to such issues as well.

What hampers the battery life?

The following reasons interrupt the battery performance:

  • Frequent short trips prevent your car’s battery from recharging adequately
  • Not using your vehicle for extended periods
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Faulty alternator
  • Leaving headlights on
  • Loose and worn-out wiring, circuit, etc.
  • Corroded battery terminals

How can we help?

At A&A Test Centre, we only house car battery Tunstall, Stoke on Trent from premium brands suitable for all leading car makes and models to cater to all your requirements.

Our in-house technicians proficiently use advanced machinery to inspect your vehicle’s battery output. These trained professionals also perform car battery replacement services efficiently.

Further, we maintain a fair pricing policy to serve a broader clientele.

So, rest assured we will end your search for ‘car battery replacement Stoke On Trent, Tunstall’ conveniently.

To keep your vehicle’s electronics in optimised condition, drop by our facility at Unit 7, Beresford trading estate, Stoke on Trent, ST6 5EU.

For more information, contact us on 07812771573.