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Are you looking for Clutch Replacement Service for your vehicle?

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We are one of the most trusted workshops for car clutch repair Tunstall, Stoke on Trent service. Our technicians can deal with clutch-related issues of almost every vehicle segment with utmost efficiency, thus maintaining the highest service standards. They can also replace damaged clutch components with minimum turn-around time.

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Symptoms of a faulty clutch assembly

The clutch facilitates swift gear shifts so that you can adequately accelerate and decelerate your car while driving.

You will know your car’s clutch assembly is malfunctioning if you notice the following issues:

Odd juddering in the clutch pedal

If you feel an odd juddering in the clutch pedal, visit our garage without further delay. It occurs due to improper disc grip on the flywheel.

False shifts

A tell-tale sign of a failing clutch is when a transmission or reversing to 3rd gear becomes difficult. It occurs due to misaligned linkage or damaged clutch plate, and you must get these components replaced at the earliest.

Odd noises

A worn-out shaft bearing of your vehicle will make odd grinding noises when you press against the clutch pedal. You must visit us for a detailed inspection immediately if you notice this symptom.

The clutch pedal fails to engage properly

It is due to a damaged pressure plate, broken motor mount or faulty clutch linkage alignment. The result will be decreased acceleration, even when you press the clutch pedal.

Visit us immediately for a clutch replacement Stoke on Trent if you detect any of these warning signs.

Why choose our service?

  • Our experts will minutely check every component of your car clutch assembly, including the disc, cables, flywheel, fork and other related parts.
  • In case they find any component is severely damaged, they will provide cost-effective clutch repair Tunstall, Stoke on Trent using OE-grade spares.
  • They will also check the clutch fluid and refill it if necessary.

Furthermore, we assure you of:

  • A fair pricing policy
  • Transparent service charges
  • Personalised solutions
  • Personal consultations
  • Honest suggestions

Therefore, hurry! Get your appointment booked with us without any second thoughts.

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