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Are you looking for Suspension Repair for your vehicle?

Is your vehicle’s acceleration rate diminishing? It may be due to some underlying issue with its suspension system. Report the problem to a reputed car workshop like A&A Test Centre to ensure optimal performance.

Who we are

A&A Test Centre is a service station offering a range of car products and services at competitive rates. Our professionals are adept at working with modern techniques and cutting-edge tools to perform car suspension repair Tunstall, stoke on trent within a minimum turn-around time. Besides, these repair services are affordable, saving you from hefty expenses.

Our suspension or shock absorbers, Tunstall stoke on trent service checklist

Our experts will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s suspension system to understand the issue. The components include:

Shock absorbers & struts

They are essential to maintain your vehicle’s stability, especially while driving on uneven road surfaces with potholes and speed bumps. If you experience jerks more than usual, it indicates impaired shock absorbers and struts.


The coil springs dampen upward or downward when you drive over unpaved roads, exposing them to oxidation. Corroded springs compromise your driving comfort.


The purpose of the linkage rods is to optimise wheel rotation. This way, they enable manoeuvrability and make the vehicle adaptable to varied uneven road conditions.

Bearings, bushings and joints

They join the linkage rods and provide optimal space to rods for twisting and turning smoothly, making the vehicle easy to manoeuvre and steer with precision.

Furthermore, our car suspension repair stoke on trent includes inspection of the tyres and wheel alignment.

We will identify the errors, and if required, replace the damaged parts after seeking your approval.

Note: We only stock OE-grade spares to ensure extended post-service performance.

What affects a vehicle’s suspension system?

Your car’s suspension system is susceptible to damages due to:

  • Dented wheels
  • Inaccurate tyre pressure
  • Driving over potholes and speed bumps at high speeds
  • Driving your car with misaligned wheels
  • Impaired control arm

Besides, if you continue driving on rugged surfaces without essential modifications, it may damage your car’s suspension system over time.

When should you reach us?

Contact us immediately if you experience any of the following tell-tale signs of a faulty car suspension system or shock absorbers, Tunstall stoke on trent:

  • One side of your car sits lower than the others
  • Greasy and oily shock absorbers
  • Vehicle nosedives forward when you apply pressure on brake pedals
  • Decreased cornering precision
  • Frequent and uneven tyre wear
  • Problem maintaining stability while driving on a straight terrain

All these lead to increased driving discomfort, making your car and you exposed to road threats.

Thus, it is crucial to look for a ‘car suspension repairing garage near me’ to address these issues.

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Visit our service station at Unit 7, Beresford trading estate, Stoke on Trent, ST6 5EU during business hours for dependable car suspension repair Tunstall, stoke on trent.

For more details regarding our products and services, reach us on 07812771573.

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