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Continental Tyres

Continental tyres are your ideal option to invest in premium tyre models.

This tyre brand is rated highly for its brilliant construction and performance in varied road conditions. Since its inception, Continental has always tried to improve its tyres with advanced R&D and is among the top five tyre brands globally. It is a preferred brand to most premium car owners in the UK.

Our workshop, A&A Test Centre, is one of the most trusted retailers of Continental tyres Stoke on Trent. You can choose from various models and size options. Also, we offer end-to-end assistance to help our clients choose the best fit of Continental tyres within their budget from our exhaustive collection of the brand.

Our Continental tyre collection

We retail various categories of Continental tyres like:

Summer Tyres

They offer unmatched car handling stability on heated surfaces. The tyres come built with a hard rubber compound with less natural rubber. Also, its unique carcass material reduces heat-build up and tread wear. Reduced tread depth and innovative tread bars of Continental summer tyres enhance tyre-road contact area and improve aquaplaning resistance.

Some examples of our Continental summer tyres include PremiumContact6, EcoContact 6 Q.

Winter Tyres

Continental winter tyres are ideal for a safe driving experience on snow-covered surfaces. These tyres come designed with a soft-rubber compound enriched with silica. Their high natural rubber content prevents them from growing stiff when the temperature drops significantly. Also, the deeper treads and high sipe density of Continental winter tyres provide biting snow-grip and short braking performance.

You can get options like WinterContact TS 860, ContiWinterContact TS 850.

All-Season Tyres

All-season tyres from Continental are best for car owners who drive fewer miles a year and want to avoid the hassle of replacing tyres every season. These tyres feature a moderate rubber compound, tread depth structure, and sipe density, enabling them to offer optimal traction and braking performance on both summer and winter roads.

We offer you best-selling all-season tyres from Continental like AllSeasonContact, VanContact 4Season.

Some other variants of Continental car tyres Stoke on Trent at our workshop include:

  • 4X4 tyres
  • Performance tyres
  • Run-flat tyres.

In fact, our all-inclusive collection makes us an ideal solution for all ‘Continental tyres near me’ searches.

You can also buy Continental tyres Stoke on Trent from us online and pre-book your appointment to avoid the queue.

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