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Installing car tyres of the wrong size can result in rolling over, a serious concern for all motorists. Other possible problems are compromised vehicle stability and reduced tyre service life.

Experts at A&A Test Centre will help you understand the correct tyre size based on your car model to restore vehicle control and steering precision. So, next time whenever you plan tyre replacement Stoke-on-Trent, head straight to our workshop. Our inventory comprises car tyres Stoke-on-Trent of all sizes, suitable for leading automobile models and hence serves a broader customer base.

Know About Car Tyre Size

A car tyre size is an alphanumeric code imprinted on the tyre sidewalls. The code conveys vital information about a specific tyre.

Let us cite an example to illustrate what the markings denote.

Reference car tyre size: 225/45R18 95 HSSR MOE M+S DOT 36/16

225: This 3-digit number indicates the sidewall width of the tyre in millimetres.

45: The second number refers to the ratio of the sidewalls to the tyre width. In this case, the sidewall ratio is 45, meaning its height is 45% of its width.

R: The alphabet denotes the construction type of a tyre. R stands for radial tyre type. In addition, there are two other types- bias-ply and diagonal constructions.

18: This 2-digit number indicates the wheel rim diameter of a tyre in inches.

95: The value is the load index rating that suggests the maximum weight-bearing capacity of a tyre. Each value is assigned a different maximum weight in pounds. Here 95 means the tyre can carry a maximum weight of 1521 lbs.

H: This alphabet refers to the speed index rating of the tyre. Each alphabet is assigned a different maximum speed value. ‘H’ means that the permissible speed at full load is up to 130 mph.

There are a few other markings on the tyre sidewall you should be aware of. In this case:

  • SSR reveals that it is a run-flat tyre.
  • MOE stands for Mercedes Original Equipment Extended Mobility.
  • M+S is a symbol confirming mud and snow performance.
  • DOT 36/16 provides crucial information identifying the place and time of tyre manufacture. 36/16 here indicates the week and year of manufacture.

Is this information still too complex for you?

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