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To make car owners aware of tyre safety parameters, the European Union in 2012 mandated that all vehicle tyres should be appropriately labelled based on their fuel efficiency, noise emission and wet grip performance. Later, the UK Government has made it compulsory for tyre retailers to retail only EU labelled tyres.

Further, the EU issued several additional tyre labelling parameters on 1st May 2021. If you are looking to buy new tyres, you must have detailed knowledge about these updates on tyre labelling to make an informed decision.

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Understanding tyre labelling in detail

Tyre labels offer information related to tyre safety parameters, such as:

Wet Grip

As per the latest EU tyre labelling norms, the wet grip performance of a tyre has measure ratings ranging from A to E; the F and G categories are merged into the ‘E’ rating under the new rule.

Tyres with ‘A’ wet grip rating have the shortest braking distance, and those with ‘E’ rating reflect inefficient braking performance.

Fuel Efficiency

Under the current EU rule, the fuel efficiency rating of tyres ranges from A to E. An A-rated tyre will reflect the lowest rolling resistance and highest fuel efficiency. Likewise, an E rated tyre will reflect poor fuel economy.

Also, the fuel efficiency rating will come with an electricity lightning symbol, signifying that it applies to EVs and internal combustion vehicle models.

Noise Emission

In the new EU tyre labelling system, the noise emission of tyres has an ABC rating. Tyres with an A rating signify high noise efficiency. Likewise, tyres with a B rating emit high external noise, and those with a C-rating generate the maximum noise.

Additional changes

  • Tyres ideal for snow performance should have a 3PMSF symbol.
  • The tyre label of Nordic winter tyres, exclusively designed to be used on ice surfaces, will have a new ice stalagmite symbol.
  • Also, the EU tyre labels generate a new QR code; you scan it to get further information. These codes will offer verification by directly linking to the EU database, also known as EPREL.

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